Separator Debottlenecking Offshore Malaysia

Rhine Ruhr was commissioned to be the lead supplier for the redevelopment of the main Production vessel on an existing offshore platform.

As new offshore wells were coming online, the requirements of the existing separator tanks were being pushed beyond its original capacity. Due to space being at a premium on any offshore platform, a very innovative design for a new generation of separator internals was required to ensure the viability of the existing equipment.

The production from this platform is so vital that only 3 days would be available for the changeover to occur, meaning that the ease of installation was as just as vital as the new performance requirement to the project owner.

Contractually, any delay in this process would lead to millions of dollars in lost production. Vital to the success of the project was the ability to tie into the existing equipment within the vessel, ensuring that costly delays were eliminated.

Typically, all new installations are attached to a welded in framework to give strength, and surety as to the attachment method. In the scope of this project, no welding to the vessel was allowed, as this would have required statutory testing of the vessel which the time frame would not allow, further adding to the complexity.

Autodesk solutions played a vital role in the design and delivery of this project in the following ways:

Strength calculations: The FEA function allowed for an optimal design to be developed within the existing vessel framework. Where potential weaknesses were identified, steps could be taken to ensure the integrity was maintained.

3D Modelling: A 3D model enabled the equipment to be fully visualised as is within the vessel ensuring that there were no clashes with the existing equipment. This also allows for a step by step assembly procedure to be walked through, allowing the installation time to be minimised to ensure no project delays.

CFD Modelling:The 3D model allowed for easy integration of the physical system into our CFD Modelling software, giving a visualisation of the actual operation of the vessel.

This is of vital importanc.e to the customers when improved and predictable operation of the equipment is necessary.



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