Your specific needs met with world-class personalised engineering

Over the last 30 years, Rhine Ruhr has grown to become a trusted and recognized name for exceptional personalized performance in the design, engineering and manufacture of world-class process vessels internals.

Rhine Ruhr customers, throughout Australia and Asia enjoy the benefit of a team of dedicated specialist engineers who work almost as extensions of their own companies.

Rhine Ruhr’s team of engineers and technicians, who collectively have decades of experience in the operation, design and manufacture of vessel internals, are in turn supported by the company’s rich investment in research and development for evolving newer technologies in Distillation, Absorption and Separation.

This program is based on evolution rather than revolution.

And the results speak for themselves – a wide range Vessel Internals that deliver optimum performance, which are cost effective and practical to install – and backed by effective and reliable design models and engineering techniques.

Rhine Ruhr has been carefully structured to support the needs of the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Oil Refining Industries.