Reactor Internals

Rhine Ruhr supplies a complete range of internals designed for the gas/liquid/solid mixed phase reactors in petrochemical applications.

Some examples of reactor columns are:

  • Ammonia Reactors
  • Adsorbers and Regenerators
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Reformers
  • Polymerisation Units

These vessels tend to utilise licensed or proprietary design hence there is a requirement to manufacture specialist internals built to the specifications provided by the technology provider. Rhine Ruhr has a long experience list and know-how to conduct detailed engineering of such components.

Some examples of internals supplied by us in the past include:

  • Slotted Inlet Distributors
  • Outlet Baskets
  • Gas/Liq Distributor Trays
  • Collector Trays
  • Catalyst Support Grids
  • Wedge Wire Screens
  • Baffle Plates