Column Internals

Well engineered Packed Columns (incorporating state of the art Packed Column Internals) play a critical role in ensuring that the benefits of state of the art Column Packing and Packed Bed Design are consistently applied to ensure optimum plant design and performance.

Rhine Ruhr has developed standards for the selection, specification, design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of fully compatible Packed Column Internals that will ensure maximum packed bed performance. These standards are continuously improved to incorporate enhancements and unique design features based on the experience gained from testing, installation and plant performance data.

Liquid Distributors

Effective liquid distribution is a critical factor in consistently achieving maximum mass transfer efficiency from a packed bed. The high surface area of the packing is therefore wetted to effectively promote vapour/liquid contact. Furthermore, variation in liquid rate across the bed effectively increases the target number of theoretical stages due to the resulting variation in L/G ratio.

High Efficiency Liquid Distributors

Rhine Ruhr has developed a range of liquid distributors which have been implemented in a wide range of applications.

Distributors Include:

  • HED2G – Guide tube type liquid distributor offering high efficiency for column diameters > 1000mm
  • HED2O – Orifice type liquid distributor for column diameters > 1000mm
  • PD2D – Drip tube type liquid distributor for column diameters < 1000mm
  • PD2O – Orifice pan liquid distributor for column diameters < 1000mm
  • CTD2O – Combined collector tray / orifice liquid distributor which is beneficial where there are height constraints.
  • CTD2D – Combined collector tray / drip tube type distributor which is beneficial where there are height constraints.
  • PLD – Pipe liquid distributor is generally designed for column diameters > 1000mm where motions need to be considered.
  • LFD – Low flow liquid distributor is designed for specialist applications where the overall pressure drop is critical.

Rhine Ruhr has the ability to test each liquid distributor on its own in-house liquid distributor test rig, ensuring the liquid distributor will operate as per design.

Structured Packing

Since our inception in 1987 Rhine Ruhr has offered a high quality range of structured packing to suit a number of applications which include but are not limited to:

  • Columns on oil refineries i.e. crude columns
  • Onshore and offshore gas processing / treatment plants
  • Production of fine chemicals
  • Production of oleo chemicals
  • Fatty acid production.

Our range of structured packing is divided into three main segments: DynaPak™, DynaGrid™ & DynaGauze™. Our range of structured packing is unique to Rhine Ruhr due to our proprietary design which has been hydraulically tested and verified in a number of process applications.

DynaPak™ is a family of structured packing offering an exclusive range of corrugated sheet and surface configurations for a number of applications. The material of construction may be chosen from almost any commercial metal including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (types 410, 304 & 316), Duplex Steels, Aluminium, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Titanium & Zirconium depending on the application. In highly corrosive services it may also be manufactured from a thermoplastic material.

DynaPak™ structured packing is installed in layers of approximately 200mm high with each alternate layer rotated through 90°. This result in a honeycomb structured with inclined flow channels and a relatively high surface area. Wall wiper bands are fitted at the bottom and top of each layer to seal any space between the packing and the vessel wall directing any liquid from the wall back into the packing.

DynaPak™ type EM is available with surface areas ranging from 100m²/m³ for high capacity applications to 500m²/m³ for high efficiency applications. The inclination of the corrugations is 45° for “252” style, while the “251” style is 60° corrugations for use in high liquid rate applications. Rhine Ruhr has developed a “high capacity” style called the “253” which provides higher capacity and lower pressure drop without loss of efficiency. 

DynaGrid™ is manufactured in slab sections from heavy gauge corrugated sheets (approx. 1mm thick) aligned vertically in the packed bed with the corrugated slope reversed in adjacent sheets. This packing is installed in layers approximately 150mm – 200mm high with each alternate layer rotate through 90°.  This result in a honeycomb structured with very open inclined flow channels and the relatively high surface is comparable with larger random packing.

DynaGrid™ has a small packing area with either a 45° or 60° corrugation angle. It has relatively large corrugations and a smooth surface to minimise liquid hold up resulting in greater resistance to fouling and plugging due to solid contamination, polymer formation and coking. DynaGrid™ is available in most grades of stainless steel (typically 1mm thick standard gauge). Other metallic materials and gauge thicknesses are also available upon request.

Dynalox™ Metal

Dynalox Metal Packing is a high performance column packing developed by Rhine Ruhr specifically for Distillation. The basic element shape bears resemblance to other high performance packing elements but with subtle enhancements to improve Randomness, Liquid Spreading and Mechanical Strength.

The result is a robust and cost effective 3rd Generation High Capacity Random Packing.

Dynalox Metal generates optimum space efficiency in applications where moderate to high L/G is encountered such as in high pressure hydrocarbon separations. It is a useful replacement for Generic Packing especially where higher capacity is required without the loss of separation

Dynalox Metal Packing can be supplied in most metallic materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Zirconium and high nickel alloys and is currently available in sizes #25, #40, #50 and #70.

Dynaflo™ Ring Packing

Dynaflo Ring Packing is the most radical proprietary packing developed by Rhine Ruhr.

The packing elements retain their basic slotted ring heritage with an open skeletal structure typical of high performance thermoplastic random packing.

Enhancements maximize available surface and mechanical strength. The most obvious deviation from conventional high performance slotted rings is the conical element shape which serves both to reduce drag, resulting in lower pressure drop whilst increasing accessibility to the inner surface resulting in higher mass transfer efficiency.

Rhine Ruhr manufactures Dynaflo Rings in a wide range of thermoplastic materials including Polyproylene, HDPE, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA etc. The standard size range is #25, #50 and #75.

Distillation Trays

Rhine Ruhr’s Distillation Column Trays are engineered to specifications and custom designed to provide optimised solutions to match specific process requirements.

In an increasingly challenging technical environment, Rhine Ruhr has developed a unique approach to providing added value and benefit to its customers by focusing on quality engineering rather than on high volume manufacturing.

Consequently, well engineered equipment is not only the key to long term profitability, but intelligently engineered vessel internals result in lower overall capital costs.