Column Packing

Rhine Ruhr is the leading supplier of a wide range of random and structured packing in the Asia Pacific Region – a role it has been playing since 1987.

The company’s team of engineers has fully developed resources to support every customer with a complete range of services, from shipment of bulk column packings on a commodity basis to a complete package of column packing internals, inclusive of engineering and installation.

Dynalox™ Metal

Dynalox Metal Packing is a high performance column packing developed by Rhine Ruhr specifically for Distillation. The basic element shape bears resemblance to other high performance packing elements but with subtle enhancements to improve Randomness, Liquid Spreading and Mechanical Strength.

The result is a robust and cost effective 3rd Generation High Capacity Random Packing.

Dynalox Metal generates optimum space efficiency in applications where moderate to high L/G is encountered such as in high pressure hydrocarbon separations. It is a useful replacement for Generic Packing especially where higher capacity is required without the loss of separation

Dynalox Metal Packing can be supplied in most metallic materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Zirconium and high nickel alloys and is currently available in sizes #25, #40, #50 and #70.

Dynaflo™ Ring Packing

Dynaflo Ring Packing is the most radical proprietary packing developed by Rhine Ruhr.

The packing elements retain their basic slotted ring heritage with an open skeletal structure typical of high performance thermoplastic random packing.

Enhancements maximize available surface and mechanical strength. The most obvious deviation from conventional high performance slotted rings is the conical element shape which serves both to reduce drag, resulting in lower pressure drop whilst increasing accessibility to the inner surface resulting in higher mass transfer efficiency.

Rhine Ruhr manufactures Dynaflo Rings in a wide range of thermoplastic materials including Polyproylene, HDPE, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA etc. The standard size range is #25, #50 and #75.

Dynapak™ Structured Packing

Dynapak is a typical structured packing formed from corrugated sheets of perforated embossed metal (EM series) or wire gauze (WG series). The result is a very open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels giving a relatively high surface area but with very low resistance to gas flow. The surface enhancements have been chosen to maximize liquid spreading. These characteristics tend to show significant performance benefits in low pressure and low irrigation rate applications. Typical applications include Vacuum and Atmospheric Crude Oil Fractionators, FCC Main Fractionators and TEG Contactors. Dynapak is manufactured in a wide range of sizes by varying the crimp altitude. Packing Surface ranges from 50m2/m3 (lowest efficiency, highest capacity) to 750m2/m3 (highest efficency, lowest capacity). Rhine Ruhr also manufactures Dynapak with two standard crimp angles. Style “R” has a 45O crimp for most distillation applications. Style “S” has a 60O crimp for high liquid rate applications such as heat transfer beds.